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Are you suffering with sciatic pain? Do you have carpal tunnel syndrome? If you’ve been searching for a systematic and effective way to rebalance your body, look no further than Tiffani Hein Certified Rolfer in Billings, MT.

Structural Integration, also known as rolfing, is a hands-on approach to improving your physical condition by focusing on your bones, organs and muscles.

Feel better than ever with rolfing from Tiffani Hein Certified Rolfer. Call 406-696-1373 now for a consultation.

We’ll work collaboratively to achieve total wellness

Rolfing is an effective way to re-establish the mobility of your body by taking a whole-body approach. Unlike traditional therapeutic massage services, rolfing also involves movement. We’ll work with your health care provider, talk about how you’re feeling and assist you in achieving long-lasting results.

During your sessions at Tiffani Hein Certified Rolfer in Billings, MT, we’ll give you the tools you need to keep your body aligned so you can live a pain-free life. Schedule an appointment when you want relief from:

Improve your posture, eliminate your pain and start feeling better than your old self ever did with rolfing from Tiffani Hein Certified Rolfer. We offer the Rolfing Ten-Series as well as Fix It sessions for your sciatic pain. Start your journey toward a pain-free life today.

Trusted by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Our founder, Tiffani Hein, decided to become a certified rolfer when her husband tried the therapeutic practice after being injured in an 80-foot fall from a helicopter while in the Navy. The amazing results he achieved by going through the Rolfing Ten-Series led her to obtain her certification and enter into a relationship with the VA.

We’ve helped numerous VA-referred clients improve their mobility with caring and effective rolfing services.

Schedule an appointment with Tiffani Hein Certified Rolfer in Billings, MT right away.

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